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At last available in one lust-drenched volume: the complete, sexy story of Vin Stroker, Casey O'Toole and the rest of the hot, horny jockboys!

Metaporn at its finest, The Jockboys Saga: The Director's Cut incorporates the complete texts of Jockboys and Jockboys 2, with a couple of fun Bonus Features thrown in for good measure. Follow the adventures of a bunch of very bad boys as they shoot porn videos, do businessmen inVegas, show off online, and fall in and out of beds...and love.

Unlike its e-book-only predecessors, The Jockboys Saga is available as a paperback, a Kindle-ready e-book, and soon an audiobook. Whatever the format, I hope you find the story a smart, sexy, masturbation-worthy good time.