For several years, I wrote an online serial story, "The Dirty Boys Club" - cliffhanger porn, full of sex, desire, danger, and all that good stuff. And now it's a novel! Yes, Lethe Press has published The Dirty Boys Club: The Soap Opera Murders.

l loved the opportunity to hone the story that I wrote under deadline pressure, and I hope readers will find it even sexier, funnier, and just plain weirder than before. But just to whet your appetite, here's the beginning of Chapter 1 of the serialized version.


From the cover:

When three hunky young newcomers to San Francisco are hired by a mysterious unseen boss to fulfill the fantasies of horny men, they get more--much more--than they bargained for. Their erotic adventures take them from a gangbang in a sleazy motel to a leather-clad day at a fetishists' fair, from a houseful of naked Marines to a Halloween orgy at an A-gay's mansion. Their clients range from a famous soap opera star to a closeted rightwing preacher, from a trio of masochistic cheese salesmen to a rich kid who gets hard for motorcycle gear. And their lives become enmeshed in a web of lust, love, and murder most foul.

"Imagine a porn film with a sustained plot, and you’ll have a good idea of Simon Sheppard’s new offering. Sheppard does a good job with both the erotica and the plot development, and Sheppard also does a fine job placing the novel in the gay world. 'The Dirty Boys’ Club' is a perfect read for those who like their erotica super dirty, with a bit of a story line and the occasional joke on the side."
- The Edge, Boston