Homosex: 60 Years of Gay Erotica has won the Lambda Literary Award for best LGBT Erotica of 2007, and I can't pretend not to be thrilled - the Lammy is, after all, the premier award for queer lit. It was great to attend the ceremony in West Hollywood, too. It's not often that a mere pornwriter is honored by the literati.

Did I expect to win? Um, yes and no. Since most of the book was written by other guys, I can safely say it's a terrific read. But the competitin was, well, stiff. As the proceedings went on, I got increasingly nervous. For one thing, we nominees were asked to remain seated throughout the ceremony, but about halfway through...I really had to pee. For a while, I thought I might have to accept in damp pants. Fortunately, I made it through without incident, and now the award and I are home, safe and dry.

Sure, it was an honor to just to be named a finalist. But hey, it was even better to win.

"...and I'd like to honor the pioneers of gay erotica who were writing queer porn when it was even less respected and remunerative than it is today. And lastly, to salute every man who's ever sucked cock...except Roy Cohn and Ted Haggard."

              Simon's acceptance speech

Christopher Rice, board president of the Lambda Literary Foundation, congratulates Simon Sheppard