A now-defunct weekly column
by Simon Sheppard

A couple of years ago, I was privileged to write a column for a lovely website called "Carnal Nation." That site has now regreattably gone the way of the Betamax and landlines, and I for one still miss it.


As was the case with "Perv," a column I wrote a few years before, "Notes" covered a wide range of political, cultural, and sexual stuff, all with a jaunty step and and a jaundicedP12993462 eye. I knocked out a bunch of columns on some juicy topics: same-sex marriage and the demonization of promiscuity; the slippery slope to polygamy; the politics of spanking; and my theological discussion with the minions of Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church.


But since nothing ever really dies in cyberspace, you can read some of those columns by clicking on the graphics below.


Though "Perv" and Carnal Nation are gone, I've strted blogging again, this time as, ahem, The Wet Guy, working for the folks who make that great lube. I'm talking about stuff like queer cinema and the decline and fall of gay radicalism. Check it out!


photo by Mark Freeman