Man on Man collects the best and hotest gay sex writing by Simon Sheppard, whom San Francisco magazine dubbed "our erotica king." Now, Sheppard has selected a heaping helping of his best work - both fictiin and nonfictin - in a collection guaranteed to keep any reader up all night. His world is peopled by hunky leathermen, not-so-innocent suburban boys, kinky scuba divers, horny hippies, and beautiful young men in love. Whether recounting a tale of sacred sex on an Indian train, rhapsodizing about a used jockstrap, or exploring the politics of spanking, Sheppard demonstrates why he's won the Lambda Literary Award, the EroticAuthors Association Award, and the acclaim of discerning readers of erotica everywhere.Get ready for wet-and-wild stories by the writer the Bay Area Reporter says is "never to be outdone."