the stories of

Crawling: A Quest for Metafictional Dick "Let me," he began, addressing the crowd, "tell you a dirty story."

Digby J. Lustgarden's Daring Device Nothing much had been happening, nothing all the way to the flat Kansas horizon.

Your Jock Even the worst sex can be grist for a decent story.

The Village Person Zack's roommate Carlos broke the news: "Did you hear? One of the Village People will be visiting the ward!"

Lie Down With Speedfreaks, Get Up With No Sleep I'm a sucker for Boys With Problems. Unsurprisingly, I guess, that's gotten me into trouble. Trouble like Kristofer.

Hotter Than Hell The turquoise-and-white Special DeLuxe is sudsy-wet, steam rising in ripples from its bulbous curves. "Shit, it's hot," mutters the lanky eighteen-year-old.

Saint Valentine Was a Martyr, You Know "I want to kill you and fuck you and eat you," I said, and I meant it, sort of...

Dooley's Dick I thought I knew from guilt, until I met Dooley.

Perv: Paradise Regained Okay, I'll admit it: I'm not a total top.

The Suburban Boy They were stopped at a traffic light, in front of a church with a sign out front urging "ACCEPT JESUS!" "The exclamation mark is a bit pushy, don't you think?" Nathan said.

The Oral Tradition I never cared too much for Jack Kerouac till I saw a shot of him sprawled softly in a chair, work boots untied, looking not like a legend but like a man you'd want to fuck you face down in some cheap hotel.

A Puja to Ganesha The end of the grimy corridor, right next to the unspeakable toilet. I wrestled open the heavy sliding door.

The Politics of Spanking Those of us who've dutifully plowed through Michel Foucault's "A History of Sexuality" know that the exercise of power is not merely a top-down dealie, nor even a dialectical, back-at-ya force-and-counterforce affair.

Midsummer of Love Far out! The smoke moved down from the bowl, making its lazily intoxicating way through glass tubing, bubbling through murky water, swirling into the waterpipe's chamber, then out through another tube, the mouthpiece, his mouth, his lungs, his brain.

Str8 for Pay Okay, a master's degree in queer studies isn't quite the irresistible job magnet it used to be, but a guy's gotta eat, right?

In Deep Utila's just a flyspeck on the map of the world.

Barebacking In the beginning, you didn't mean to. Not at all. But there you were, with a condom around your rapidly deflating dick and a beautiful brown Indian man in your bed.

from Heaven on Earth A Studebaker pulled into the Mobilgas station. Jake looked up from the old, tattered copy of Black Mask, wishing he hadn't been torn away from "Fall Guy."

After the Beep The voice on the answering machine is deeply masculine and commanding: "I know who you are and I know what you're going to do for me. You're to follow these and all further instructions exactly. You'll strip down now, right now; stop the tape until you're completely naked."

What Daniel Told Me I had two fingers inside him. Surprising, really, and gratifying. Enjoyable. Fun.

Safe and Sound Sometimes, maybe always, you can't tell what's going to happen, not really, Danny thought as he slid his hand into Geoff's ass.

A Retired Writer in the Sun "Narrative coherence." said the Witch of Capri. "They all want fucking narrative coherence."