For an anthology to be published by Cleis Press in 2008, Simon Sheppard, editor of Homosex: Sixty Years of Gay Erotica, and coeditor, with M. Christian, of Rough Stuff and Roughed Up, is in search of hot erotica exploring the eternal lure of the leatherman.

Stories can be about leathermen having vanilla sex, or leathermen having leathersex (SM, B&D, etc.). But either way, cowhide - or some variant thereof - must be present. Stories need not be set in a leather milieu, and if a twink or two wanders through, that's fine.

What Simon's really fond of: excellent writing; off-the-beaten-path approaches; smarts; emotional depth; cleverness; eroticism that's more than skin deep; diversity in race, age, and class; wit; sex positivity; stories that take the reader somewhere new.

What Simon's really not fond of: regurgitated porn cliches (unless meant ironically); sloppy prose; mere cleverness; improbable 10-inch dicks; obvious ignorance of the realities - both physical and emotional - of SM; brutality for brutality's sake. Jesus, the last thing the world needs is any more bad porn.

Genre elements - such as fantasy, sci fi, or mystery - are peachy, as long as the story is primarily erotica.

For this project, original stories are very strongly preferred. Let me know if a story has been previously published, and where and when. And - if I don't know you - please enclose a short bio. All are welcome to submit. I have a theoretical preference for queer male-identified authors, and would rather that woman-identified authors not publish under male pseudonyms...but, like the best sex, that's all open to negotiation.

No one under 18 involved and no beasties.

Preferred length: 3,000-5,000 words. Meritorious shorter or longer work will also be considered....as long as you get down on your knees and call me "Sir."

Submissions should be Word document attachments, and include, at the top, all your contact information, including e-mail, snailmail, and phone number. Please include "Leatherman Submission" in the subject line of all antho-related e-mail. If you need to send hard copy, please get in touch.

DEADLINE EXTENDED : November 5, 2007...the sooner the better, as I'll be reading on an ongoing basis.

Payment: $60 and copies upon publication

If you'd like more of an idea of the sort of writing I'm after, check out the above anthologies, or my short story collections. If you have a question, get in touch.

SUBMISSIONS AND QUERIES TO leatherman@simonsheppard.com