"Simon Sheppard has something new and smart to say about being kinky, and I am only too glad to listen."

Susie Bright

"If Lewis Carroll's Alice was knocked up by Mark Twain, the Marquis de Sade, and Dorothy Parker during a drunken orgy, the result would surely be Simon Sheppard. Never has the world of kinky sex been so deftly skewered and thoughtfully observed as it is in this no-holds-barred romp through one man's sexual wonderland. Unafraid to reveal everything, question much of it, and apologize for none of it, Sheppard goes beyond merely writing about sex to pondering just why it is he and so many others find themselves drawn to acts others only dream about. Best of all, he does it with humor, insight, and genuine affection for his subjects, whether they be well-used jockstraps, drugged-out bottom boys, or trash-talking tricks. Anyone who can write about fisting and Breakfast at Tiffany's in the same sentence is someone to watch out for, and when Sheppard invites you into his playroom you'd better come. In fact, he'll make sure you do."

Michael Thomas Ford, author of My Big Fat Queer Life

"Everyone deserves a knowledgeable gay uncle like Simon Sheppard to guide them through the thrilling and bewildering terrain of kinky play. In Kinkorama, Sheppard is generous with his considerable experience and words of assurance. This is a highly readable travelogue -- novices and seasoned perverts alike should gobble up this book like good little piggies."

Kirk Read, author of How I Learned to Snap