Entering the Modern Age, I've written a suite of five iinterlinked short stories for e-book publication, availble at a bargain price for your perusal and arousal.

I'll admit it: I kinda love this thing. It is, I hope, smutty and smart and postmodern and pornpgraphic and funny and fornication-filled....you know, all that good stuff.

"Jockboys" follows the erotic exploits of a bunch of horny hunks from a locker room to a video shoot to a porn theater to a marriage reception. With lots of sex along the way. Lots.

Somewhat immodestly, I think you'll love it. So if you have an afternoon and some lube to spare, download it, put some cock on your Kindle, and enjoy. And don't miss the sequel!

Vin kicked off his battered shorts and did as he was told. He lay there, lean body drenched in sweat, wearing nothing but black hi-tops, white socks, and a jockstrap that barely contained his swelling package. Coach walked to a corner of the locker room, came back with a barbell. “You’re gonna bench press for me, boy,” he said. “You keep workin’ out, you’ll have a body like a pornstar.” He laid the iron bar in Vin’s outstretched hands. “Now show me how you pump iron.”