At the behest of the publisher of the original Jockboys, I've put together a fabulous sequel to the metafictional, man-parts-filled original.

Jockboys 2 follows the exploits of a bunch of horny gay guys, many of them introduced in the first book, getting it on and getting off in Las Vegas, in a Queer Studies class, and on the set of the porn video classic Jockboys 2. And yes, there's still plenty of sex involved.

No familiarity with the first volume is necessary to enjoy the new one, though if you want to buy both, I certainly won't object. So go ahead and get off. You can download it here. Just don't get cum on the screen of your iPad; it's hell to clean up.


Watching the handsome kid walk out of his office, legs hairy and perfect and altogether delicious, McCutcheon had thought, Within a month, I’ll have that piece of ass. He immediately felt guilty for dehumanizing the young man into a sex object, but that didn’t stop him from reaching down below his desk and giving his throbbing erection a squeeze.