"If you’ve been crossing the sexual desert this summer, consider Simon Sheppard your oasis. The gay eroticist and sex-advice columnist recently took on the colossal responsibility of culling 60 years worth of gay erotica for his book Homosex —and, no, it ain’t just smut. Sheppard tosses in monumental moments of our queer past from a sexual standpoint, touching on ’60s Berkeley and Vietnam, and even manages to squeeze in Indian tribes and gay vampires. Consider it one-handed reading for history buffs."
         - Jason Lamphier, Gay.com


Homoporn: An Introduction
...In which Simon Sheppard holds forth on gay smut
From Navy Daze by Eldon Barnard (1945)
...Seamen and semen in WWII
From Whittier by H.R. (1950)
...Reform school sex in SoCal
"The Motorcyclist" by Phil Andros (1953)
...An early biker bangfest by a classic author
From Song of the Loon by Richard Amory (1966)
...The best-selling tale of the opening of the West
From The Anal Compulsion in Homosexuality by Victor J. Samuels (1968)
...Queer case histories from below the belt
From I Want It All by Dirk Vanden (1969)
...Sex, drugs, and, yes, some rock and roll
From Young, Wild, and Sexy by Bob Cochran (1970)
...Fugging under fire in Vietnam
From Mad About a Boy by Jon Marsh (1971)
...A professor, a student, and the costs of the closet
From Mr. Benson by John Preston (1979)
...THE masterpiece of leathersex and lust
"Blue Light" by Aaron Travis
...An all-time great of gay erotica
"Highway 71" by Lars Eighner
...Hot and hard in Texas
"Lords of Leather" by Jack Fritscher
...SM at its roughest
"The Yellow" by Michael Lassell
...Pricks and politics
"Griffith Park Elegy" by Al Lujan
...The dark dangers of desire

"Tongues" by D. Travers Scott
...A queer vampire tale with bite
"The Glass Mountain" by Robert Glück
...Cruising the Folsom Street Fair
"Our Sunny Afternoon Together" by Jay Ruben Dayrit
...A boy's brief encounter
"Walt" by Ian Philips
...Doing a Daddy Bear

"AIDS Is Over" by Karl Von Uhl
..Club kids get it on
"Porn Writer" by Bob Vickery
...It's a dirty job...
"Winter Count" by Trebor Healey
...Tragedy, tattoos, and transcendence
"Blackout Leather Jacket" by Matt Stedmann (2005)
...A funny fantasy about being butch

"619 Words About Post-coital Silence" by Christopher Wittke (1999)
...The perfect beauty of queer sex

HOMOSEX: Sixty Years of Gay Erotica
edited by Simon Sheppard...out now!